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AMD RYZEN 3200G Processor

16GB DDR4 RAM (3200MHz)

Vega 8 Graphics

1TB Hard Drive

Windows 10

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£ 399.00 tax incl.

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When gaming on a standard Full HD 1080P 60Hz Monitor the target Frames Per Second (FPS) will be an average of 60 FPS. This is so that the user will experience smooth gameplay. 

If a machine struggles to achieve 60 FPS at maximum game settings then you should lower the settings to allow for that 60 FPS average. If the machine is capable of achieving over 60FPS on maximum settings then the user should enable the V Sync setting in the game. This will cap the game to 60FPS which as stated above is the optimal FPS whilst using a standard 60Hz monitor.


To get a Gaming PC which is the most cost-effective combination of components there obviously will have to be certain trade-offs, spending money on certain brands or makes of components that will have little to no real effect on gaming performance will not be listed as an option as we feel that there would likely be better, more feasible ways of spending extra money. If you do have a larger budget then have a look at our other available Gaming PCs.


Processor (CPU)

AMD Ryzen 3200G Socket AM4 CPU.


All of our gaming builds will all come with a stock cooler as Standard (unless otherwise stated above). This cooler is very capable of keeping your systems cpu running cool during intensive loads. This cooler makes minimal noise even when the CPU is under such loads as observed by our technicians.

Further cooling of the computer will be provided by the case fans. the number of fans will vary depending on the case that you select however this will normally be 2-5 120mm fans which will again be ample to supply fresh air into the case and expel warm air.


This Gaming PC will have an A or B series Socket AM4 motherboard installed in it.

Memory (RAM)

There will be 16GB memory installed in this system and it will run at stock speeds for the given chipset which will be more than enough for this system to game on.

Storage - Hard Drive

All of our hard drives will be standard 3.5" 7200RPM drives. We do not tie ourselves to particular brands but rather follow market trends using whichever drive is most cost-effective at the time to ensure that your computer receives optimum performance at this particular budget.

Storage - SSD

We tend to use Samsung SSD's in our systems but in the unlikely event that those would be out of stock then we would use something like Crucial or other top brands.

Power Supply (PSU)

For many years we have tried various PSUs with some of the models from “top brands” like Corsair, Coolermaster, and Aerocool turning out to be extremely unreliable. We currently use Kolink Power Supplies and have done for the majority of our builds for quite some time now and are very pleased with the results as they happen to be the most reliable power supply that we have used to date. For this system, the wattage of the PSU installed will be dependent on the overall power requirements of the components that you have chosen, taking into account that there will be extra room left if you would like to make some upgrades in the future.

Want a More Premium Case?

We offer a wide variety of cases, so many in fact that it is impossible to list them all in the "Model Of Case" option above therefore we have only listed a small number of the most popular cases in this section. If you would like a different case which is not listed above then you can select "I Want a More Premium Case" which will deduct the cost of any case from the build allowing you to then go and select your favorite case from our Gaming Cases section of the website and add it to your basket separately prior to checkout.

Included Software

All our systems come with Windows 10 pre-installed along with antivirus and all other software that we deem essential to get you up and running quickly and easily.

Internet Connectivity

All of our computers come with Ethernet built-in as standard. WiFi connectivity can be added above, however we find the use of powerline adapters to be a much more optimal solution. These can also be added above. See the link below for an explanation as to how these work:

How Does Powerline Ethernet Work? - Click Here


2 Years Parts and Labour Return to Base Warranty.

It is the responsibility of the customer to return the computer to us for repair.

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